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“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” Walter Bagehot 


The wold in between



The Murder finds me



(Feature, In progress.)

LOGLINE: A young woman lured into drugs and prostitution, but when she reaches out to the house of God, finds that she is destined to become the mother of evil.

A young woman from a wealthy and religious family in Paris falls in love with a French-Italian art student wannabe, who introduces her to drugs and prostitution. Her mother, Clotilde, a researcher for the Louvre Museum and editor of Vogue magazine, neglected by her husband, she begins seeing a man from a male escort service.

Her father Hans, a German workaholic scientist with a prestigious position in the European Space Institute, from an anonymous letter and photographs, learns about his daughter's secret life, and gives her the ultimatum to either end her relationship and change her lifestyle, or she is not welcome to the family...


The-MaledictionsmallThe Malediction Legacy

A Police detective investigates a murder and discovers that she may be the next victim of a 350-year old Native American curse. To stop the curse, she must find the lost book of the Medicine man.

UPDATE: The Malediction Legacy has submitted to Script Pipeline feature film competition, the results July 31st. Follow on FB



(Goth Horror, Historical.)

An Evil worshiper is forced to redeem herself from Evil, and use her powers to help humanity.

By the divine book of shadows, if an entity betrayed in the mortal plane, the humans would be the judges of the entity in question. However, if it happened on the supernatural plane; then the entity will lose its powers and would be a prisoner in the seventh circle of Hell, to be judged by the supreme entities of Hell. If Aburna goes to Hell, she will become for Lucifer, what Judas was for Jesus; therefore, she is not welcome to hell.


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