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NunnerySmallA young woman who is lured into a life of prostitution and drugs, reaches out to the house of God and finds that she is destined to attract evil. Discussion Open.


The Malediction Legacy

the-malediction-legasyBannerElissa Ashlynn Harlow, a rational NY Police detective, investigates a murder. Though the crime, committed in a busy subway during rush hour, except a drunken homeless man who insists an Indian is the killer, and a mysterious feather in the victim’s mouth, she has no witnesses, and no suspects.

With no leads, she talks to her friend Mike Johnson, homicide detective and close friend. Mike convinces her to consult a psychic, who has cooperated with him in the past. The rational detective, though never believed in the paranormal, visits the psychic, and learns that the murder could be the result of a 350 year-old curse of the Chief Quanah Aucaman, the last chief of the Munsee Indians. Read More


Gigi Lamar

Gigi-Lamar-bannerTootsie meets America’s top Model.

After a TV talent contest, a straight, female impersonator succeeds as a high fashion model, and her success leads to the discovery of her lost family.

Gigi Lamar, it is the story of a man, and his struggle to succeed as an entertainer, Read More


The Darker Side of Heaven

cropped-The-Darker-Side-of-Heaven.jpgWhat if Satan, is the Darker side of God? Open forum. FSH LinkedIn group



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