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"Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads."

Erica Ne  E. Mann Jong

Gigi Lamar

Tootsie meets America’s top Model.

After a TV talent contest, a straight, female impersonator succeeds as a high fashion model, and her success leads to the discovery of her lost family.

Gigi Lamar, it is the story of a man, and his struggle to succeed as an entertainer, in the woman’s world.

San Francisco, nightclub THE “Q.” After a reality TV show, the 38-year-old Gigi Lamar returns to the club, and continue her performances’. The 23-year-old Sharona, driven by jealousy, tries to intimidate and constantly provokes Gigi. One night Sharona physically attacks Gigi and the Police are called.

The 40-year-old officer Stephan O’Connor attracted to Gigi, expresses how he feels, and tries to get her attention. His persistence pays off when Gigi agrees to go out with him; only to discover her lost brother, and her father’s questionable past. Even so, another surprise awaits Gigi and Stephan, at their father’s apartment.

James Dalessandro:

This is a courageous attempt at a highly original story, and last and most importantly - a wonderful s script. It is funny, edgy, well structured, a wonderful piece with great characters, set in an interesting environment. JD

James Dalessandro: Co-founder of The Santa Cruz Poetry Festival, with Lawrence Ferlinghetti. also served as its director for four years.

Writer of "The House of Blues Radio Hour," which was hosted by Dan Aykroyd (as Elwood Blues) during the period in which it won the "Platinum Award" from the National Broadcasters Association. He was also the writer/creator of "Rock On" with The Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

Writer. 1906 (book/screenplay) 2012, A film adaptation of 1906, based on both the novel and Dalessandro's screenplay, is in development by Warner Bros. and Pixar Animation Studios in association with Walt Disney Pictures. Brad Bird is set to direct the live action 1906, after completing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Citizen Jane (TV movie, book) 2009, - The Damnedest Finest Ruins (video documentary) 2006, - Hell Hunters. 1986. Director/Producer. The Damnedest, Finest Ruins. 2006.

Geno Scala • Screenwriter, Script Mentor. I love it, actually. I personally wouldn't include the conclusion in the logline; I'd leave that as a mystery to the viewers.

The "hook", to me, is a female impersonator becoming a high-fashioned model. That's cool- "Tootsie" meets "America's Top Model"!

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The Malediction Legacy

Elissa Ashlynn Harlow, a rational NY Police detective, investigates a murder. Though the crime, committed in a busy subway during rush hour, except a drunken homeless man who insists an Indian is the killer, and a mysterious feather in the victim's mouth, she has no witnesses, and no suspects.

With no leads, she talks to her friend Mike Johnson, homicide detective and close friend. Mike convinces her to consult a psychic, who has cooperated with him in the past. The rational detective, though never believed in the paranormal, visits the psychic, and learns that the murder could be the result of a 350 year-old curse of the Chief Quanah Aucaman, the last chief of the Munsee Indians.

She questions the psychic, how does she know so much, and if there is a way to stop the curse. The psychic reveals that the secret of stopping the curse is written on the last page of the medicine man's book, but no one has seen the book for the last 300 years.

Elissa begins researching and with the help of Mike, the Indian reservation, and a retired cemetery groundskeeper, she finds the medicine man's grave. The psychic, a Native American Indian middle-aged woman named Nayeli Moema, tell her that a sacred ceremonial dance must be performed first, by a male who can see the spirit, or, the curse will kill them.

Mike suggests the homeless man who had claimed that the Indian kill him, he could perhaps have seen the spirit. With NYPD'S help, find the homeless in an alley nearly dead. Nayeli tells her that, the opening ceremony can only take place the night of the ninth full moon. After his recovery, with only a few days of the full moon, Nayeli teaches him the dance.

On the night of the full moon, Elissa, with Nayeli, Mike, and four members of the Indian reservation gathered at the cemetery. The homeless performed the dance; the spirit of the Medicine man appeared and gave her the book. Nayeli tells her that, if she can read the book, she could be the next victim, and that she cannot flip to the last page, she has to read the entire book. The book will only let her read a few pages a day, and ones she turns the page, she cannot go back because the writing will appear scrambled.

Knowing that she can be the next victim, she begins reading the book. The book gives her a challenge and the writing becomes unreadable. With Mike's help, she realized that the book wants her to redeem the chief’s honor, and until then she will not let her read further.

Uncertain of what the book wants, she files a petition to build a replica of the village in its original location. After several petitions and denials and with the help of the Indian reservation and media, the city grants her request. However, the book challenges her again to move the remains of the chief and his family to the village.

After completing the relocation, and the village opens to the public Elissa quits her job and becomes an active advocate for American Indian rights.

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